Refund Policy of Abhi Content Writer

Welcome to Abhi Content Writer, the fastest growing Indian digital agency committed to offering the highest standard of content writing, online marketing, web design, and development services. In this section, we have explained our refund policy for our potential and existing clients’ convenience. It will help you to understand the contractual agreement between your company and ours.  


Abhi Content Writer sticks to a transparent cancellation policy for all the clients.

Terms And Conditions Of Our Cancellation Policy

  • Our clients can send cancellation requests to us via email. It is important to note that we will not consider the cancellation request valid unless the respective unit verifies it.
  • Your cancellation request will only be valid if you confirm it within 12 hours after placing your order. After that, you can’t cancel the project.
  • You can consider the confirmation email sent by our project manager as the proof of service cancellation.


Our refund policy is part of our unique approach to provide the best service to our clients and partners while maintaining a good relationship with them.

Terms And Conditions Of Our Refund Policy

  • Due to the uncertain nature of our service, Abhi Content Writer doesn’t guarantee refunds.
  • We also don’t promise anything regarding search ranking, reach, traffic, the number of readers, or conversion rate. So, we are not responsible for any refund.  
  • When it comes to monthly payments, we assume that client has released the next month’s payment after reviewing this month’s performance and report.  

Modifications Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice

We have all the rights to revise and update our refund policy without giving our clients any prior notice. Due to this reason, it is recommended to keep an eye on our refund policy page. If you still have any questions about our cancellation or refund policy, contact our support team by giving a call at +91-9163224466 or leaving an email at

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