Terms And Conditions of Abhi Content Writer

Purpose Of The Website

This is the official website of Abhi Content Writer where potential clients can see our services, previous work and place their order for high-quality articles, blogs, guest posts, web content, web blogs, etc. Clients can demand plagiarism and error-free 100% unique content. Abhi Content Writer is liable to serve the best interest of clients.

Privacy And Security Policy Of The Website

This website is owned, managed, and operated by Abhi Content Writer for providing high-quality content writing services to clients across the globe. All our clients and visitors are requested to read our terms and condition very carefully before hiring us for any project. Once a potential client is satisfied with our terms and conditions, he/she can submit an order.

Revision And Updates

The owner or the administrator of this website has the authority to change, update, revise the terms and conditions of the website without notifying the clients. The updates will be useful instantly after making the changes. Therefore, it is a primary responsibility for the clients to check the terms and conditions policy of Abhi Content Writer from time to time to avoid inconveniences. We won’t send any notification to our clients regarding the revision and updates. Due to this reason, clients are always recommended to keep an eye on our terms & conditions page always to stay updated with our content marketing services.

Accessing The Website And Placing Order

To access our content writing services, clients need to fill up an online form. In the form, you must submit information like your name, company name, phone number, email address, etc. It is essential to know that the information you will provide us has to be complete and authentic. If we find a false or inaccurate submission, then we have the right to refuse the order.

Ordering Articles

You can order any number of articles. While ordering, you can set the word count, choose your target keywords, and provide instructions. After that, it is our responsibility to assign the job to qualified SEO content writers and accomplish the project within the deadline.


At Abhi Content Writer, we also take rewrite orders. In this service, we will rewrite the entire content efficiently, which is provided by you. While hiring us for any rewriting order, you have to ensure that it will not violate the rights of any third company, organization, or individual. However, we must ensure that the copy doesn’t contain spammy, degrading, or obscene content. If you violate our terms and conditions, then it might result in the termination of your order.

Order Rejection

If the article is not written as per instruction, then the client can disapprove the order. However, he/she needs to show the proper reason for rejecting articles. The administrator of the website will thoroughly review all the rejected articles. After reviewing, if it appears that the client is doing injustice, then he/she will be fully charged.  A client can also ask for improvement or revision. In that case, he/she must show the exact reason for which modification is needed.

Clients need to review the article within the first 72 hours. If we don’t hear anything from the clients’ side within 72 hours of delivery, we will consider that the contents have been approved. When it comes to our articles’ quality, we assure you that you will get the highest level of content free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. The articles would be written in a simple tone and format so that readers can easily understand it. Most importantly, all our articles pass the Quetext that ensures our articles are 100% original and unique.

Clients’ Rights

Our clients don’t have any rights to the article until the payment is made. After making the payment, they can publish the content on the web.


All the information on this website is protected by copyright law. The images, videos, icons, graphics, web content is the property of the website owner and subject to copyright.

Trademark Protection

All our services, logo, and marks are protected by trademark law. According to the trademark protection law, downloading files or copying content from our website will be considered a violation of the law, which is a punishable offense.

Privacy Policy

Viewers are suggested to read our privacy policy first before surfing the website. It is our humble request to the visitors to follow our privacy policy to sustain discipline.


Abhi Content Writer doesn’t provide any warranty for its content writing services. We also won’t be responsible for any data loss of your organization or damage to your system.  If your PC gets affected while downloading any of our doc files, Abhi Content Writer will not be responsible for that. But we assure you that our website is free from malware and adware. So, while accessing our website, you won’t experience any problem.

Communication With The Writers Is Prohibited

Our clients don’t have the right to get in touch with our writers personally. You can’t contact them directly or indirectly by using other websites or social media platforms. Violation of this condition will force us to take legal action against the offenders.


Clients are liable to pay for each approved article. We offer different types of payment options to clients. All of them are secured and convenient. Check our pricing very carefully before hiring us for any writing job.

Contact Us

If you still have any questions about our terms and conditions, then feel free to contact us. Our client support team will be happy to help you. Drop us a line at abhi@abhicontentwriter.com or call us at +91-9163224466 to get in touch with us.

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